August 10, 2015

70’s Vibe



I love keeping it simple and summery with these awesome flares from Express.

I’ve had these adorable jeans in my closet for about a year now and I’ve finally worn them! When I bought them I thought about how trendy and cute they would be but didn’t know what to pair it with.  For some reason I’ve always been intimidated by flare jeans because they seem really hard to pull off. I love that these are dark wash and really slimming at the top of the leg.

I am obsessed with the eyelet detail on this off the shoulder top.  This one is an older style but I linked a perfect fit that is on sale for $10.00 right now

Express Mid Rise Trouser Jean, H& M Off the Shoulder Blouse, Hat & Shoes, Jewelry

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August 6, 2015

5 Tips To A Clean Home



I’m a bit of a clean freak, so a clean home is a must for me.  I don’t live with clutter because it drives me INSANE.  My husband gets so mad because usually if I don’t know what something is or don’t find a use for it I throw it away.. and sometimes it’s his… oops!! 🙂 I love lists because they keep me on track and checking something off a list makes me feel good. It’s like a pat on the back to yourself for making the bed. Here are a few of the tips I use to keep my home clean, and I also included the PDF’s I created for my own home feel free to print them off. I have mine in a photo frame on my fridge and use a dry erase marker to check them off!


1. It takes 21 days to form a habit.  So if you make your bed for a month you’ll do it forever.. well maybe.  Get used to sticking with a schedule so you can establish those simple habits that keep your house tidy.

2. Never leave laundry lying around.  Dirty clothes are an eye soar and they can make any room look like a mess, even if the rest of the room is spotless.

3. Make sure the kitchen is clean before you go to bed every night.  There is nothing worse than waking up to a kitchen full of dirty dishes.  If this happens I usually end up eating unhealthy because I don’t want to prepare anything and then I just shut the light off and walk away.  Also, kitchens have a lot of bacteria from raw meat and other foods so its a good idea to make sure everything is sanitized.

4. Deep clean the bathroom once a week and tidy them up daily.  Make sure the counter tops are clear and rotate the hand towel daily to keep it clean.

5. Forget spring cleaning when you are doing a big task monthly.  Clean the walls, wipe down the trim and light fixtures one time a month and you can avoid the spring cleaning you dread every year.

What are some of your cleaning tips? I’d love to here them.  Thanks so much for reading!